What is AAMS

In Italy legal casinos are those that have applied and obtained the AAMS license to operate on our territory. To recognize legal casinos, simply visit their official page and check that it shows the AAMS (Autonomous State Monopoly Administration) logo. Usually this logo is shown at the bottom of the same page. Legal casinos in Italy were only able to “open their doors” from 18 July 2011, when the liberalization of online cash game, or online gaming in cash mode, came into force. This game mode allows you to play in legal casinos, with the amount of credit of your choice, without having to start from a credit base the same as other players. In addition, this mode allows you to approach the game and leave it whenever you want. These are safe casinos that guarantee players the opportunity to play with their favorite games in an environment created ad hoc for them.

What is AAMS

As previously stated, AAMS is an acronym for the Autonomous Administration of State Monopoly and it is this body that decides what are the legal online casinos in Italy. This represents a body of the Ministry of Economy used to monitor the fairness and safety of legalized gambling on our territory and therefore the suitability of legal casinos. Any competition, game or lottery must have AAMS authorization. Legal casinos, as well as any business or exercise that you want to offer the ability to bet real money, must have an AAMS license. Thanks to this type of certification, legal casinos are able to offer all players the opportunity to play at any time with their favorite games. Playing in safe online casinos is the first concern of any player with a minimum of experience and thanks to legal casinos this will not be harder to get.

The functions of AAMS

Although we have already specified it, it is always worth repeating. Among the most important functions of AAMS are the control of the fairness and solvency of online casinos that get (paying) the license to offer online gambling on the Italian territory. Italian legal casinos must also provide precise information about their account and personal data security systems. Speaking of accounts, privacy is also ensured in the use of all payment systems offered by the casino (e.g. Postepay, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, MoneyBookers Skrill, etc.). Legal online casinos are a narrow circle and when you decide to play on the Internet you have to be well aware of which platform you play in order not to incur the classic dangers of fraud and online problems. Legal casinos are the best way to have fun safely online.

AAMS Legal Casinos

AAMS Legal Online CasinosMa are examples of legal casinos that can operate on our territory? Among the different legal casinos AAMS. To know for sure what are the legal online casinos in Italy you simply need to inquire in reference to the License of Monopoly. Each legal casino offers all of the aforementioned security conditions, so you can register without any hassle to start playing for real money or virtual money, depending on whether you want to bet real money or practice and have fun with virtual money. Legal casinos offer you many game modes that you can easily access. You can play directly from your browser or instead decide to download the application to your PC. In legal casinos you will also have the opportunity to choose the live mode that will allow you to play live streaming with live dealers at the most popular games online.