The Haunted House slot machine is the classic example of a slot that succeeds not for the Haunted House Slots, but for the “sympathy” of the game itself, a bit like those old Commodore 64 games that we keep dreaming of at night (speech for more than thirty years). In fact, in this game you get carried away by the very playful atmosphere of Halloween and thanks to the bonus game you can win very interesting sums. Let’s discover the features of the Haunted House slot machine together and don’t miss the opportunity to write your opinions!

Technical Details

As a category 6a slot, the Haunted House slot machine has much fairer payouts than the previous categories and cannot be tampered with as it is connected to a central control system. The main screen of the game features the classic grid of 15 3rd and 5 paylines. Of course, there are not many payment lines, but that does not mean that it can not pay very good sums! The winnings per game are 100 euros, with bets starting at 0.25 euros. As you can also see from videos on youtube, you can make consecutive winnings for hundreds of euros. The Haunted House slot payout is around 75%, still far from 90 and more than online slots.

How to Play

The Haunted House slot machine features a main game and a bonus game that, as we said above, allows you to make big winnings. The same applies, however, to the main game phase and to the dracula symbols. At this stage of the game, you will have to try to align the equal symbols along the numbered paylines on the left. Each game is divided into two rounds, with the option of hold in the first, which allows you to stop the reels that we like the most.

To enter the bonus game phase, you must see at least three castle symbols. In the castle bonus the goal is to get to the top floor (son 7 floors) without losing all the lives. On each floor you can find a passage to the upper floor or ghosts that make us lose a life.

Haunted House slot machine tricks

Being a category 6a slot, there are no “physical” tricks like the old machines, as this new generation presents a central system that controls every single machine. So avoid turning it off and on again, because you may get into some bad trouble. Speaking of tricks for the Haunted House slot machine we can tell you that in a large number of games displayed we have noticed that in the castle bonus the “all left” route usually leads to good results, so we recommend that you take it into account, although many times it is worth that sense of luck to all of us so dear. Anyway, try it and tell us how it goes. Another of the most commonly used Haunted House slot machine tricks is to see if it’s unloaded: if you pay with 50 cent coins it means you’re “reloading” and so you’d definitely want to play at another time.