Slot Machine Far West

Slot Machine Far West

The Far West slot machine is one of those that despite the arrival of VLT rooms and Slot Machine Cha Cha Cha Chaonline casinos are still in demand by fans of the industry and, for the same reason, also by many operators. Today it is still possible to play one of these slots, by virtue of their membership in the Comma 6a category, that is, the generation of vigorously regulated and controlled slot machines. If you like the saloon environment, the Far West slot machine is ready to let you into a perfect atmosphere, including bandits, women and smoking guns.

Technical Details

Like all 6a paragraph slots, the minimum cost of the game on the Far West slot machine is 1st, while the maximum amount you can win for each game is 100 euros. In each game you can place bets of 50 cents or 1st, with the exception (allowed by paragraph 6a) that you can place a bet of up to 4th using the accumulated energy. The game display sees 3 lines and 5 virtual rollers, with 5, 10 or 20 paylines. To make the winning combinations, therefore, you need to align the identical symbols along the 3 vertical lines or along the two diagonals.

How to Play

Playing the Far West slot machine is very simple. First, in the main game all you have to do is combine equal symbols on the same paylines. As we have seen, the paylines of this slot are five, horizontal and diagonal. In addition to the main game there is a bonus game that is divided into three stages: cellar, mine and saloon.

In the cellar bonus the player’s goal is to hit the bandit or move on to the next stage. So, from the cellar stage you can get to that of the mine and then from this you can get to that of the saloon, the further you go and the more you win.

To enter the bonus game phase you need to get 3 bonus symbols (the “wanted” sign).

Tricks for the Far West Slot Machine

Playing this slot is really a pleasure as the features of the slot machine are added to those of a real video game. The three special phases of the game, those of the cellar, the mine and the saloon will remind lovers of the old arcades those shooter video games set in the far west in which you could also play in pairs. Here you play alone and win real money, so there is less emotion from a playful point of view but more adrenaline as far as money is concerned. One of the best tricks for the Far West slot machine is to take advantage of all available payment lines. In fact, since there are up to 20 lines it is good to use them all to get more chances of winning. Another trick for the Far West slot machine is to aim at side targets, which many say should more easily contain the let pass for the next level. One thing is certain, with the more symbols you get to the bonus stage, the easier it will be to get to the final stage, as more errors are allowed (3 errors with 5 bonus symbols).